FML’s management team has over 100 years of collective experience in truck services with a proven expertise in moving steel, breakbulk, project, and bulk cargo.

FML is an asset-based common carrier operating and offering flatbed truck services throughout the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. In addition to our asset based fleet, our Truck Brokerage Division has a vast network of over 200 supplier partners available to satisfy any of your truck freight requirements. FML moves freight via van, flatbed, bulk, truck-rail-truck, and container.

FML truck services are offered both as a part of our multi-mode services, as well as independently. We provide flatbed and bulk trucking services including national long haul, international long haul, between Mexico and Canada, regional short haul; and dedicated-tailored deliveries to fit our customers’ individual needs, and intermodal rail service, including truck to rail or rail to truck.

The delivery of oversize and overweight shipments, which require special permits or special equipment, are a part of our menu of services and are available as needed by our shippers.
Bulk Cargo Flatbed