New Ownership for Freight Management Logistics Delivers Promising Outlook

Freight Management Logistics (FML) has a new owner and a brand new outlook for 2021. Vasil Kolar has been integral in building FML into the mega trucking and transportation leader it is today. So, when the opportunity to purchase the trucking and shipping portion of FML came up in August of 2020, he decided he had to go for it, and since then he’s put big plans in place for the company’s expansion.

Kolar said he is enjoying his new leadership role, as owner, and is looking forward to adding some additional services and expanding the size of the company, as well as the number of drivers and upgraded equipment, so that FML can provide shipping and transportation services to even more customers throughout the country.
However, Kolar emphasized that he really wants to focus on taking FML’s service to a whole new level by providing excellent customer service and always striving to exceed his customer’s expectations. He added, that expanding FML’s trucking operations by adding more trucks and drivers is important, but creating a family-type atmosphere is critical to the success of the organization. Kolar said, for FML to cultivate best-in-class service, we have to have a world-class culture for our employees and drivers.

The transition of ownership was seamless, because Kolar has been the driving-force in building the trucking division and most of the drivers and customers have been working directly with him over the years. Now, Kolar wants to look to the future and the outlook couldn’t be clearer.

In addition to expanding operations, and fostering a culture at FML that all his employees and drivers are proud to be a part of, Kolar said he wants to build on FML’s strong reputation as a transportation and shipping Industry leader and take customer service to a whole new level of excellence and operations.

Kolar hopes that customers eventually correlate the FML company name and brand with Trust and they recognize FML is more than freight management, shipping and transportation – it’s a promise to do deliver in more ways than one. He added, that he’s looking forward to servicing customers on a much larger scale as the company expands.

FML moves small packages, medium loads and large freight locally, nationally and globally via truck, air-charter or ship. They also provide warehousing and cross-decking services, so they can get any load from point A to point B affordably and in a reliable manner, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive when it’s supposed to be there. FML has locations in Cleveland, Houston and New Orleans with headquarters in Portage, Indiana. Drivers are encouraged to apply if they would like to become part of FML’s growing family. For more information on all of FML’s services, or to apply to join our growing team click here.